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led 12 uv

LED12 UV ()


Product Details

Crystal Clear Inspection For Security Printing and Packaging

By using LED diodes instead of UV filters that cover the lenses of Xenon-based strobes, Unilux eliminates the filter penalty. The penalty was the result of using the filter to remove various visible wave-lengths of light, thereby reducing the strobe light's output. Without the need for a filter, UV diodes can emit full lighting power, thereby making them 10 times brighter than comparable Xenon lights with filters. And, because LED strobe lights eliminate the hot spots found in Xenon lights, inspectors get a much more uniform view across the web. 


The Handheld LED12UV [03-1246-DC-UV] system includes:
(1) UV Lighthead
(1) Battery Handle
(1) DC Power Pack
(1) Charger 
(1) User Manual

The Fixed Mount LED12 [03-1246-UV] system includes:
(1) UV Lighthead
(1) Power Supply
(1) User Manual



  • Up to 10X brighter output eliminates the need for darkened viewing boxes or other methods of blocking ambient light.
  • 1450 µW/cmlight output at 300mm(12 in) from the object
  • 300 µW/cm2 light output at 900mm(36in)
  • Brightest, most concentrated, uniform illumination


  • Portable or fixed mount models
  • Adjustable flash rate and duration that syncs with your line or machine
  • Constant-on for work light
  • Handheld:
    • Lightweight –only 1.6kg(3.5lb)
    • Up to 1 hour of continuous use or 4 hours of intermittent use
    • Recharges in less than 1 hour
  • Fixed Mount:
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Interconnect multiple units
    • Rotary encoder for greater precision      


  • Long-life LEDs make the LED12 virtually maintenance free
  • High quality construction; extremely durable
  • Reduced energy consumption


  • Printing: inspection of security print elements using UV-visible inks
  • Converting and Laminating: surface inspection of UV-visible adhesives and coatings 
  • Optical brighteners in varnish

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