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Improve And Protect Product Quality at Full Production Speeds

The Sentry provides advanced clarity and definition of surface imperfections at full production speeds. Random and repetitive defects such as scratches, dents, roll marks, bruises, edge cracks and coating voids can be identified immediately, allowing operators to take corrective action, eliminate further mistakes, reduce unnecessary waste and prevent customer rejection. The Sentry’s high-intensity light makes identifying flaws and irregularities possible even while traveling at speeds up to 2300 meters per minute.


The single light head Sentry [850D-1LH] includes:
(1) Lighthead with Flash Lamp
(1) 10M Light Head Cable
(1) Power Supply Console (in drip-proof cabinet)
(1) Spare Flash Lamp
(1) Spare Filter
(1) User Manual

The double light head Sentry [850D-2LH] system includes:
(2) Lightheads with Flash Lamps
(2) 10M Lighthead Cables
(1) Power Supply Console (in drip-proof cabinet)
(2) Spare Flash Lamps
(2) Spare Filters
(1) User Manual



  • Available with one or two  light heads for maximum coverage
  • Light output of 2200 LUX at 1500 mm (60 in)
  • Complete strip illumination
  • High intensity and even illumination


  • Illuminates strip widths up to 2600 mm (102 in) at 1500 mm (60 in) from the surface
  • Synchronizes to line speed
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Snap-in lamp requires no tools
  • Interconnecting cables allow multiple units to be synced
  • Proportional line speed option
  • Rotary encoder for automatic web synchronization
  • Basic remote controls include power, intensity, flash rate, and internal and external triggering
  • Deluxe remote controls all functions and automatic tracking with pre-set storage
  • Press-to-test system analysis switch
  • High quality construction; extremely durable


  • Metals: surface inspection on cold reduction, temper mills, skin pass lines, tin plate, hot dip galvanizing, leveling, coating and pickling lines
  • Printing: wide web inspection of print quality
  • Converting: wide web surface inspection on coaters and laminators, cut quality on slitter/rewinders

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