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Miti-Lite ()


Product Details

Spot Checking and Pinpointing Defects Over a Wide Area

The Miti-Lite illuminates the largest area of any portable strobe. So inspecting for surface quality, formation activity, and coating defects, or pinpointing defect origins can be done anywhere on the line. The Miti-Lite’s powerful beam illuminates an area of 760 mm square, so finding problems and correcting them is quick and efficient. The Miti-Lite also synchronizes easily to any video camera to provide a motion analysis tool that reduces maintenance by 90%.


The Miti-Lite [03-1118-vc] includes:
(1) Lighthead
(1) Battery Handle
(2) Rechargeable Batteries
(1) Battery Charger
(1) User Manual



  • Illuminates surface area of 760 mm x 760 mm
  • 3 different intensity settings
  • Maximum intensity: 900 LUX - 0.85 joules/flash
  • Flash ranges cover 30 to 18,000/minute
  • Phase control for camera synchronization
  • 360° phase adjustment of external trigger
  • Triggers from external Video or Contact Closure
  • Quick and easy battery replacement


  • Designed for harsh conditions of steel and paper mill operations
  • High quality construction; rugged ABS plastic body
  • Sling pouch provides hands-free maneuverability through the plant
  • Long life lamp


  • Easily monitor fine details of surface quality
  • Immediate knowledge of surface quality
  • Pinpoint defect origins quickly and efficiently
  • Monitor start-up procedures after shutdown
  • Inspect anywhere in paper and steel operations
  • Monitor performance of all mechanical functions
  • Reduce diagnostic maintenance by 90%
  • Reduce costly downtime


  • Metals: surface inspection on galvanizing lines, tin mills, TL and recoil lines
  • Paper: analysis of formation, transfer, drying and finishing processes
  • Printing and converting: inspection of print quality, slit edge quality, laminating and coating quality from unwind to rewind

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